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Neuro & Brain Performance Center specializes in offering neurological rehabilitation services to Mesa, Apache Junction, Gilbert, Tempe, and Chandler, AZ.

Conditions Treated

Neurological rehabilitation is a specialized service that focuses on very specific conditions. We incorporate a multi-disciplinary approach that makes us different than many other rehabilitation facilities. Here is a list of the conditions we treat. Please click on each condition to learn more about how we can treat them.

Pre-Post Concussion Assessment/Treatment

Neuro & Brain Performance Centers offers pre-post concussion assessment through our Brain Performax program. We utilize the latest in brain mapping technology to go above and beyond current standard concussion assessment and treatment protocols.

The best decision you’ll ever make it going to see Duane Blau. He is an amazing PT and full of love and care for everyone. He will change your life physically and leave a stamp on your heart forever. Raquel T

There are no walls, no barriers. I’ve see Duane walk with patients who weren’t supposed to be able to walk and not give up on patients who are failing conventional measures. Lost hope? Find it here! Tabitha K.

Duane Blau is an amazing neuro P.T. He is excellent at what he does and has a huge heart! Love this guy! Emily B.

When I came to John and Derek for help, I was scared and broken after my stroke. John and Derek have been professional, personable, knowledgeable, patient and creative. I found hope on my road to recovery because they weren’t afraid to treat me as an individual, not as my condition. These men have gone above and beyond to help me reach my ideal quality of life goals by treating me like I mattered.
Sincerely treasure these men! Tanya O.

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